Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haiti update from Jeremy

Well, I'm still here in the UK waiting for travel info; I have been packed for the last 36 hours and I’m anxious to leave.

Here is what I know so far…
I'm planning to head to Haiti for a month to help in what ever way I can. I have linked up with a group called PAE who were a subcontractor under the UN in charge of security. It’s not my first choice but beggars can't be choosers. Since the earthquake all available medical people have been pressed into service. They have brought on 2 additional to make a total of three. I have been told I will be working some of the time at the Argentinian Hospital near the airport in Port Au Prince. I don't yet know where I'll be staying. I have been told to bring a tent -- it could be anywhere. Hopefully I'll be able to send back regular updates but Internet is sporadic at the moment.

Thanks for all of your prayer and support.


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