Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sweet, sweet Maddie Pooh

Jeremy and I joined a gym this weekend. Please try not to keel over in disbelief or burst in hysterical laughter. I'll talk more about "the gym" later. We went for our first training session yesterday. After out training sessions we went to Tesco to get a few groceries. We everything away and I opened my lap tap to check my e-mail. A message popped up on Skype from my sister "Maddie's sick...call me right away". I felt a little sick myself at that moment. I told Jeremy and asked him to sit with me while we called her back. It turns out that Madison is ok. She has a scratch on her eye. It was droopy and she threw up. Melanie also said she'd be acting a little sluggish and sleeping more. The vet seemed to think she would be fine.

Madison and I have been together, literally, half my life. She will be 15 in May and I got her when I was 15. My dad suggested getting a dog after my first broken heart. She was my first and has been my only dog. I never knew I could love a dog so much!

I see other a walking their dogs and wish she were here with us. Especially since I'm not working. Then she'd be here with me during the day to keep me company.

She is with my family until we bring her back with us in August. Yes, I’m worried about the flight over the Atlantic. I've researched all I can so I know what to/not to do. She will be done with her stateside quarantine and her all her papers & microchip. So, that’s all I can do for now.

Hang on Maddie. Mama's coming to get you soon!


Cherilyn said...

MADISON! Hold on! I've heard of crying your eyes out, but scratching your eyes out is a new one. I know she misses you guys. I do, too. Perhaps I'll scratch an eye and make it droopy, too.

Melissa said...

Ohh I feel your pain. Dogs are so precious. She misses her mama!