Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to Britain

We are settling in nicely. Madison is doing ok. She is definitely getting older. She doesn't see or hear as well as she did. We are finding things that used to be easy daily tasks with her not as easy now. She definitely drinks a lot more water than she used to. I can hardly keep her bowl full. Jeremy did a dip stick test on her urine for diabetes but it didn't indicate that she had it. Keep in mind that it was human dipstick but he said it just measured sugar in her urine. Anyway, we really have to stay on top of keeping her bowl full of water and her bladder empty. We started keeping her in our bathroom at night in case she wets then it won’t be on the carpet. The door is right next to my side of the bed so it feels more like she’s right there next me. We have lots of great "footpaths" near us so we all have enjoyed walking together. Everything is really green and beautiful!

Work is still going well. I’m grateful to have a job I like!

I'm going to start working on my business cards, business info sheet, portfolio, etc. for J Bird Designs again next week. Hopefully I can take some more classes this fall.

We bought at dinning table Saturday. It's being delivered on Friday and I can't wait! It's nothing fancy but I really like it. It is a round drop leaf table. It'll be perfect for just Jeremy and me to eat at with the leaves down. Or we can raise them for up to 6 people but it'll be a cozy fit. Our chairs are a mix-matched but I'm going to paint them all the same color and distress them the same. I haven’t decided what color yet. I miss doing projects like that so I'm really excited to pick my color and get going. We bought them at a charity shop (like Goodwill) so we saved a bundle!

We have been looking for a car. Boy-o-boy am I ready! We are going to rent one, not this weekend but the next, if we haven't found one buy then. I have always wanted to take Madison to the beach but now we can take her to the English Coast. I saw a place I think Jeremy would love. It’s called the "Jurassic Coast". It's a stretch of the southern coast that is known for it's fossils and rustic shore line. He’s into fossils so I think it'll be lots on fun. We really enjoy exploring when we have rented a car in the past. We always run a few errands when we have a car too. Cost-co, IKEA and Tesco are always on the list to get things that are too hard to carry on bikes. This time we'll be getting a few organizers for our closets, a mop, a new broom, and a curtain rod. Having are car will defintaly make life here easier!

I hope to upload some pictures and video of our last flat and our new house in the near future...stay tuned!


Tritt's said...

I am so ready for some awesome pictures and videos...I check this blog often..and i was SOO pumped to have any update!! Don't worry...I am thinking about you often..or stalking you often...which ever one you think! Glad you still like your job! Love from Ga! Love Mary Catherine

Cherilyn said...

I know I didn't get to see you when you were here, but I miss you already!

Rebecca said...

Can't wait to see some pics and video. Glad to hear that adjusting back has been good. I'm glad that Madison did ok on the flight too. :) Miss you guys here!