Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 random things about me

1. My husband helps me be a better person. Truly. He’s a catch!

2. I didn’t have many girl friends until college. I had girl friends growing up but around middle school I learned most girls were catty and cruel. My college girl friends Mary Catherine, Brooke, Kelley and Kasey showed me what it means to be a true friend.

3. I’m always thinking. Sometimes I wish I could turn my brain off.

4. I have a love hate relationship with TV. I love absolutely love it. However I think it is a total waste of time.

5. I can’t stand it when women are catty.

6. I am tomboy at heart. I love to dig in the dirt and climb trees. I have a decent collection of power tool and I know how to use them!

7. I think snorkeling is so peaceful. I find that when I’m swimming with the fish all I can hear is my own breath and the water. It is so peaceful. I could explore the coral; follow fish and collect sea treasures all day. I’d LOVE to learn to scuba. We have talked about taking lessons and making a special trip to New Zealand. Maybe one day!

8. I hate the “F word”. That’s right I hate the word fart. What did you think I meant?! Oh, I hate the other “F word” too.

9. Church language grosses me out. As I Christian, I think we should be able to carry on a conversation with anyone.

10. I have always been horribly insecure about my skin. It started in the 7th grade when a boy teased me by calling me albino. I also remember, in the 9th grade, where one person in each class asked me when I was going to get a tan. To a teenage girl that was a day that changed the way I viewed myself. That was the day I felt like I would always be gross because I was so fair. I hated wearing shorts, a bathing suits and skirts for years! In my early twenties I still wouldn’t were skirts because I didn’t want anyone to see my white legs. One day I got sick of it. I decided I was going to get over it…No easy task…to just “get over” something like that. I decided that the way God made me was just fine! Just when I thought I would never have to deal with that again an old boyfriends best friend went on and on about how I needed to get a tan one day at the pool. 10 years of trying to accept myself the way I am was undone in about 3 minutes. Skip ahead to present day—I still struggle to be ok with my fair skin. Last spring I found a shirt that says “Pale is the new tan.” That’s my new self-motto. I have decided once again that the way God made me is just right. I’m just gonna be me! White legs and all! ☺

11. I have awesome friends! My relationships have changed my life.

12. I’m a white girl who loves her some hip-hop music. Don’t judge.

13. Sometimes I wish I could live on a farm and grow my own food.

14. I cry at sad movies…HARD. It’s almost like I think what is happening in the movie is real life.

15. I am always embarrassed when cry at movies. If I cry in the theatre, we have to wait ‘til everyone else leaves so no one sees my tear stained face.

16. I am obsessed with magazines. No, not Cosmo or Glamour—home magazines. My favorites are Better Homes and Gardens (and all of their specialty magazines) and ReadyMade. I read them and analyze the pictures so many times that I almost have them memorized.

17. I have the same type of dream all the time. I am usually yelling and crying at the top of my lungs at my family and they are ignoring me. Yes. I have a clue what it means. No. I’m not in counseling for it. ☺

18. I love riding my bike. Now it’s my primary transportation and I love zipping all over town, hopping curbs, dodging puddles and watching the world around me. We talked about getting a scooter but right now my bike works best.

19. I heart music videos. I could watch them all day, over and over again.

20. I was horribly afraid of having children for a few years. I’ve heard all sorts of painful stories that freaked me out. I was also afraid I’d mess them up. Spending time with my 4 nieces has helped me not to worry about it so much.

21. A dog changed my life. My sweet dog, Madison, has made me realize that if I could love her as much as I do I will love my own “real” children that much more.

22. I adore my nieces. I would put them in my pocket and carry them everywhere…if they would fit.

23. I don’t like it when people are judgmental. Don’t judge. That’s up to God.

24. I love my family…crazies and all!

25. I want to live like God intended. Jesus is the only example of that. So, I want to live like Him.

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Cora Sawyer said...

Hi- I hope this doesn't freak you out - me, a total stranger to you reading your blog (kind of freaks me out), but maybe my agreeing with your list on #2 &5 might ease your fears a little. I found your link from Melissa's blog ... I am Cora (Stranz) who grew up with the (littler) Bagge kids in Mosier. You will find a link to my blog on Melissa's page also! My first experience with your blog was last week regarding Australia - and I was enticed by the idea that Jeremy took you by air for your birthday!! Either way, congrats on 30, and happy birthday!
The reason I comment to you today is this: your fair skin made me think so fondly of my grandmother (Stranz) who used to always comment on our beautiful tans, but NEVER without saying "you know, fair skin used to be a sign of BEUATY in the royal courts - the fairer the skin, the more beautiful the queens and princesses!!
Hope that encourages you a little!!! It was nice to meet you (in your introduction via 25 random things). Sounds like Jeremy has found a one of a kind girl!! one more thing - re: #20, if you are considering having your own children, I am a believer in Supernatural Childbirth (also happens to be the title of an amazing book written by Jackie Mize, you can find it on Amazon for only $10) ... you can even start now!! Find me if you have any questions or need more encouragement!!