Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Britian or Bust!

We left out of Nashville with a truck FULL of our stuff on the morning of December 24th. And then again on the 28th. I know, I know. We had sooo much stuff that we had to make a second trip back to Nashville. What was supposed to take a day--took three. There was much "weeping and gnashing of teeth".

The morning of December 30th we headed to Atlanta in the “silver bullet” also known as my sister’s silver minivan. Mom, Jeremy and I sat in the very back. Melanie drove and dad told her how from the passenger’s seat ☺. We took out the middle seats to make room for our luggage. We got all our bags checked. I know people thought were we were nuts. Picture this…Jeremy, my and I roll up to the counter with a cart stacked high of suitcases. My dad starts duck taping the old hard sided suitcase we used when I was a kid, to help it make one last trip. There was definitely some whispering going on. I few times I had to remind myself that standing on the ticket counter and announcing “We aren’t going on vacation! We are moving for 2 years,” would only draw attention to us.

The flight was uneventful. As it should be! Jeremy and I had an empty seat between us so we were able to spread out and sleep pretty well. We held our breath as we counted our bags coming off the luggage carousel. They all made it!

On the 2nd we moved into our flat. I hope to post a video tour of it soon!


Val and Steve said...

I love that picture! Priceless!
I'm glad you were able to rest a little on the flight over there, and that you didn't take out anyone with the luggage!

Michael and Jana said...

That pile looks like mine if I were going for 2 weeks. Way to go friends!

Janet said...

Hey - you forgot to mention the wonderful cubie mate you had for just a few months! Hope you have a wonderful Birthday. Can't wait to hear more from you!

Kelly said...

Yay!! It looks like you've had a very stressful but exciting year! Can't wait to see London pics and hear all your crazy stories to come!! Love you guys!