Friday, January 23, 2009

Australia for my birthday...

Yesterday I was the big three-oh. Jeremy took me out on a little birthday date. When enjoyed dinner at an Italian restaurant. After dinner we went to Australia...the movie that is! What were you thinking? That Jeremy gave me a trip to Australia?! Hmmm. That not such a bad idea! Anyway, we enjoyed the movie. It's nothing to "write home about" (even though I am) :) but it was a nice date movie.

On a side note--the theatre here is really nice. Some of the screens have upstairs and downstairs entrances. The building has movies on all 3 stories. The seats are clean and comfy. There is decent leg room. And the pictures are really sharp!

So back to our night. We left the theatre and discover it was raining. If we had driven this wouldn't be a big deal. But, we aren't planning to buy are car for a few months. Part of our decision to move here was to live like the locals. We ride our bikes almost everywhere. Our town, Crawley, has really good public transportation but we have found it to be faster to bike where we need to go. Yep. That's right we biked home in the rain. It wasn't as romantic as it sounds :). It was 42ish and we didn't bring our rain gear. However, it wasn't to bad either. It's only about one and a half miles and there is something about not be dependant on a car that feels really good. Truly, it does.


Melissa said...

Giiirrl you're gonna be a woman of steel with all that bike ridin' :) Sounds like so much fun. We're envious. Are you up for company sometime this year? :)

Rebecca said...

Pretty impressive!! How did you all get your bikes over there? I assume you bought some when you get there, right? You had lots of bags, but none that big :)