Monday, March 9, 2009

Becoming a Brit

I'm going to blog all about lots of experiences we've had here soon. Is there anything specific you want to know?

I was thinking you all might like to know hear about...
what our flat is like
what our church is like
English vs. English
the weather here
encounters with true Brits
the friends we've made here
Jeremy's job
what I do all day

Is there anything else?


Cherilyn said...

The kinds of sushi you've eaten
Your trip to Paris
Your new favorite foods at the grocery store/British substitutes for things you would buy here

Mooj said...

Your trip/s and finding the LOST set. I would also love to hear about Jeremy's job and how that is going. Is the job any different there than here? Really everything.

Val and Steve said...

1) How to find a job in the UK or elsewhere in Europe.
2) A day in the life...
3) Any photos of any sort... (not that that's a topic, but I mean, come on!)
4) How much you miss your "other" friends.
5) British news/television/media/etc.
6) Your neighbors.
7) Your craft projects.

But I like all the ideas you suggested. I really want to know what you do all day ;) and we miss you horribly.

Michael and Jana said...

Can't wait to read all of that. Also, what about your increased fashion sense? An automatic in the UK. What fashions are coming this way in about 5 years and maybe some photos of the places you like to shop.

Rebecca said...

I'm up to hear about all those things!! I feel at a loss to picture them in my add pictures!! :)