Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Clean Underwear

Jeremy and I were packing for Greece until midnight Tuesday. Our flight was supposed to leave at 6am Wednesday. The walk from the door of our flat to the train platform is about 7 minutes. So we decided to get up at 3:35am so we have enough time to get dressed, eat and head out the door with our suitcase.
Can you sense where this story is going?
I had a few more things to wrap up so I was up until 1ish. By the time I got in the bed, I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned until about 2ish. I kept waking up wondering how much longer I had to sleep. After finally falling asleep, I woke back up and realized I’d actually been sleeping. I looked at the clock. 4:10.
4:10? 4:10? Is it really 4:10? Wait. What time we were supposed to get up?
He looked at he clock and said a few phrases I won’t repeat. Obviously neither one of our alarms clocks went off! We just knew we could make it but we were gonna try! I threw the few things lying on top of our suitcase in. Threw on my clothes. When I got the bottom of my stack I clothes, I realized I’d not put on the clean underwear I’d laid out with my travel clothes. I put them in carry-on… just in case.
I have no idea what time we left our house but we turned off the lights, locked the door and RAN to the station! We get to the front door of the station and the door was locked! Jeremy was just short of pushing the doors off their tracks when I remember there is aside door from the parking lot.
So, once again we are off…running as fast as we can to try to catch the train. Fortunately we "just happen” to buy our tickets the night before. We were running up the steps, ‘round the corner and…thank God the train is still there! We dashed through the doors and sat…still in shock from the morning events. We were so relieved and jolted we just giggled. Jeremy’s eyes were still red from lack of sleep and I’m sure my morning hair was sticking up. I reach in my bag to get my chap stick. Jeremy handed me something that fell out of my bag. I quickly took it from him because…you guessed it…what had fallen out on the train was my clean underwear!

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Val and Steve said...

Ha ha! That is great! That sounds like a story of my life and leaving on vacations. I always have a fear of oversleeping the night before. I set every alarm out of paranoia. I can't wait to hear more! This was wonderful! It was the perfect little "chapter" of your trip!